Different Strokes

Blistered fingers and sore throats. Mostly folk but all powerful.

Form 696

Grime instrumentals for days.

Disco After Dark

Berlin's Clembo with dripping disco to delightfully disinfect.

My Heart Is Reserved For The Lord

Denver based selector Romanticizer sends us to space. First aired on Cashmere Radio last year.


Music streaming needs to be better. After years of inadequate community connection and online mix saturation, 23 is an attempt to bring meaningful music and insightful stories to the curious listener. 23 doesn't have all the answers but it hopes to create a genuine global platform for music lovers. All without the exploitation and ego stroking that tends to permeate within the global music community.

23 is a simple platform that continually rotates 23 hours (WIP) of audio, 24/7. The idea is to not let carefully compiled content (mixes, interviews, podcasts etc) fall into obscurity amongst hours of "low effort" material. 23 will look to expand the work it showcases (discussions, visuals, events etc) but it needs to walk before it can run. Hit me up up via the instagram if you're keen to get involved or have something you want to contribute!

*To avoid falling victim to my personal network biases, I will be aiming showcase shows that highlight the importance of diversity in music and language. Not intending to make money with this, just trying to highlight good stuff and build connections.✌️

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